Mindfulness Lifehacks

Dandelion-540x540The benefits of practicing mindfulness are documented in psychology publications, reported by popular news sources and even included in corporate wellness programs.  This old age practice is gaining popularity for the positive effects it can offer in a wide range of applications:

  • Cognitive function and working memory
  • Athletic performance
  • Communication and relationships

Just Google the word, and you’ll find a long list of articles listing the “top 10” health benefits for the mind and body.  But how do we get there?  It can be as simple as looking to nature.  Forest bathing, gardening, bird watching or (my favorite) listening to a running brook or ocean waves.

But when you need an easily accessible avenue, turn your focus toward your own senses.   Of the traditionally recognized 5 senses (sight, smell, sound, touch and taste), smell is our oldest and most powerful sense that has the ability to instantly evoke memories and emotions.

Aromatherapy is a simple tool that can connect us in the present moment and to all that surrounds us.  It encourages us to take a deep breath.  It enables us to be an objective observer, reduce stress levels and manage emotional states.

There are hundreds of single essential oils with powerful effects, which you can combine to create any number of blends to compliment and amplify your results.  Just the name of some blends (Candy Cane, Pumpkin Spice, Stolen Moon, Rainy Day, Lake House) make me want to grab my oils and get mixing!

Find your favorite in my collection of recipes on Pinterest 

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