Natural Essential Oil Remedies to Calm or Uplift

clary sageThe human body has amazing powers to protect and heal itself.   For example, controlling a consistent temperature and regulating glucose levels are just two ways our body maintains a homeostatic balance.  When we are in good health, we are resilient, capable of fighting viruses and environmental stresses.  But when we are out of balance or rundown, our body needs support.

Given the hectic pace of life, we often rely on pharmaceutical drugs to help us manage symptoms instead of giving our bodies time to heal.  While natural remedies may take longer to produce an effect, they offer the advantages of working systemically with your body in a form that is more readily absorbed and produces fewer side effects.

Recently, I was looking for a natural, plant-based therapy that would help counter symptoms of fatigue, brain fog and nausea caused by anxiety.  I was intrigued by adaptogens, herbs and oils that have opposing healing properties adaptive to your needs.

I found these essential oils that provide both relaxing and stimulating benefits:

Essential Oil Calming Uplifting Additional Uses
Clary Sage Promotes hormonal balance
Copaiba Powerful anti-inflammatory
Eucalyptus Good for sinuses and congestion
Frankincense Promotes spiritual awareness
Jasmine Intense, heady, base-note fragrance
Lavender Supports healthy skin
Ylang Ylang Antispasmodic, supports cardiac system

For mental fatigue, these top-note oils are highly effective for concentration and memory:

Essential Oil Mental Clarity Uplifting Additional Uses
Basil Powerful antispasmodic
Rosemary Helps with memory and concentration
Black Pepper Energizing and stimulates metabolism
Citrus (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit) Invigorating & immune boosting
Peppermint Good for digestion and pain relief

If you want a synergistic mix to topically apply, I recommend letting the essential oil blend for a day before adding to a carrier oil.  Use a roller ball for convenient carry and go!

Reference the Vita Flex Foot Chart  when applying to the adrenal reflex points of the foot.

Nature itself is the best physician. – Hippocrates

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