Carrier Oil Profiles: Choosing One to Blend with Essential Oils

Using-Carrier-Oils-for-Double-Benefits-1Vegetable or carrier oils, which are pressed from the plant seed, are used to dilute an essential oil for topical application. In addition to slowing the evaporation of the EO for better absorption, these oils also help treat skin conditions themselves.

There are many carrier oils that vary in viscosity, scent and quality.  It’s  important to search for organic, cold-pressed (unrefined) oils which retain nutrient qualities and have a pure scent and longer shelf life.  Here are a few common carrier oils followed by a couple big hitters.

Sweet Almond Oil   [1-2 year shelf life]
With a medium viscosity and nutty scent, this is a good facial oil for all skin types, containing vitamin A, B, E and D and fatty acids. (*may cause a reaction for those with a nut sensitivity)

Jojoba Oil (actually a liquid wax)  [5+ years]
Mimics collagen and is ideal for sensitive skin and those with skin conditions.  Mostly resembles our skin when combined (10%) with Sweet Almond Oil or another carrier.  Non-allergenic, high in proteins and minerals, anti-fungal properties.

Coconut Oil  [2-4 years]
Known as a “super oil” contains fatty acids, medicinal properties, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory.   If using to make a roller bottle ointment, use the fractionated form.  The solid form used for culinary cooking can be used to make lotions and salves.

Rosehip Oil  [6-12 months]
A good, non-greasy facial oil with vitamin C and essential fatty acids with anti-aging benefits.

Avocado Oil  [18+ months]
Ideal for massage, this high viscosity oil dries slowly, is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, B & E.

Argan Oil  [2+ years]
A favorite in the beauty and skin care industry for its restorative qualities, anti-oxidants, vitamins A & E.  Helps hydrate and strengthen the your skin, hair and nails.

Tamanu Oil  [1-2 years]
Regarded as a “healing oil”, has an earthy scent and properties including anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, antioxidants. (*Very strong scent from the nut which it is expressed.)

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