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Essential oils have been distilled since 3000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, Egypt and India for use in spiritual practices, beauty care and medicinal products. In 1910, Rene Maurice Gattefosee discovered the healing property of lavender when he was burned in a performery laboratory. In 1937, he coined the word “aromatherapy”. In recent years, the popularity of essential oils has boomed, and there is a lot to learn about these concentrated substances that are in an unregulated industry.

I’ve compiled lessons from a formal 50-hour Level 1 NAHA-certified class with personal research and trial & error in the Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Quick Start Guide.

Table of Contents:

Essential Oil Benefits
Aromatherapy in a Nutshell
The Industry at a Glance
Aroma Notes & Blending Charts
Aromatherapy Tips
Carrier Oil Profiles
Seasonal Recipes
References & Resources

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