Ready Solutions by Young Living

For those who want a grab-and-go natural solution, Young Living has several product lines you’ll want to check out:

Specially formulated for babies, YL’s Seedlings(TM) delivers diluted, plant-based skin care products for newborns and littles.   From gentle-cleansing wash & shampoo, lightly-scented baby lotion & baby oil to rash cream and wipes.  Nourishing skin care with a natural, calming aroma.


ART(R) skin care and Savvy Minerals by Young Living(TM) beauty products moisturize, nourish, sooth and smooth your skin with premium botanical and essential oils for a natural, healthy glow.

savvy minerals

Nutritional supplements for energy or weight control, Young Living offers product that mix plant-based essential oils with dietary ingredients including:

  • Ningxia Red(R) and Ningzia Zyng(TM) blend oils with premium wolfberries designed to energize, fortify and revitalize the body and mind.
  • Slique(R) provides nutritionally supporting foods to help manage weight.

Ningxia Red

Want to try them in person?  Contact me to schedule a meetup!  Sponsor ID 14002395