Natural Summer Skin Care Using Essential Oils

In northeast Ohio, the summer season brings relief from cold, grey winters that almost always leave in a tantrum with one last snowfall in late March or April.  Sunny, blue skies of summer beckon our family outdoors for trail runs, hikes in the park, holiday picnics, gardening and swimming.  We are eager to soak up... Continue Reading →

Essential Oil Cautions: Skin Irritation, Photo-sensitivity & Pets

While essential oils are natural products derived from plants, there are affects you should be aware of before using.  Every oil, like every plant, has a different chemical composition and set of attributes that effect how they should, or should not, be used.  Below are a few cautions; it is important to research each oil... Continue Reading →

What’s the Difference in Essential Oil Brands?

As the industry grows, so do the number of essential oil manufacturers and channels for buying. I am often asked, “How do I know which is better?  What’s the difference?” Remember, however you are using these products, whether directly applying to your skin or inhaling, they will be absorbed into your body.  So knowing the... Continue Reading →

Natural Essential Oil Remedies to Calm or Uplift

The human body has amazing powers to protect and heal itself.   For example, controlling a consistent temperature and regulating glucose levels are just two ways our body maintains a homeostatic balance.  When we are in good health, we are resilient, capable of fighting viruses and environmental stresses.  But when we are out of balance or... Continue Reading →

Personalize Meditation to Fit Your Lifestyle

What is meditation to you?  Most would think meditation requires “an inner state that is still, where the mind becomes silent”[1].  Typically sitting in lotus position and chanting Om with the intent of attaining enlightenment.  But don’t let that intimidate you, it can be so much more than that! I used to set goals for... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Lifehacks

The benefits of practicing mindfulness are documented in psychology publications, reported by popular news sources and even included in corporate wellness programs.  This old age practice is gaining popularity for the positive effects it can offer in a wide range of applications: Cognitive function and working memory Athletic performance Communication and relationships Just Google the... Continue Reading →

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